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Automated toll-free request intake

POPIA compliance requirements mandate a process for request intake

InfoSecEnforcer provides an automated mechanism for  request intake. Include your links to your submission forms in your notices. Consumers initiate a self-service automated intake process. There are no voicemails, transcriptions, or expensive operators. These requests are routed to your request management dashboard and workflow, similar to your web-intake mechanism. The consumer gets an email verification link to further verify the request.


Get started, it is fast and easy

InfoSecEnforcer is simple and easy to use. Simply signup, deploy on your website and respond to requests. Manage your privacy request workflow.

Free Forever

InfoSecEnforcer is free forever. Get compliant for POPIA with our software for free. Our software helps you prevent enforcement action, and avoid penalties.

Updated with revised regulations

InfoSecEnforcer delivers intake automation and verification by default. Our software is modified with changing regulations.

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