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Optimal Health

Are you looking for a health program that not only helps you lose weight, but optimises your health?

Nutrition Coaching

A mobile app to help you

Lose Weight

A phenomenal weight loss program

Log your Progress

You win when you journal

Optimal Nutrition

Not all supplements are equal

Business Opportunity

Become the model for your own business

Want to hear more?

Attend one of our online webinars,. and discover for what Optimal Health can do for you.

Need free tools, knowledge, and software?

POPIA commencement is set to on 1 July 2020. And, PAIA exemptions are set to expire on 1 Jan 2021. The Information Regulator is likely to impose penalties for non-compliance. Few businesses can afford these penalties or damage to reputation. Even fewer businesses have any budget left for compliance efforts.

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Want to start an Online Business?

More people are finding it a challenge to make ends meet. Companies are down-sizing, and everyone is looking for more ways to generate additional income. 

It could be the right time for your to start your online business – lets schedule a 20 minute zoom call – and see if this could work for you? 

Need a website?

Looking to start your own online business? You need a website 

From simple one page landing sites to fully fledged e-commerce sites, we have a solution for your business. 

Turn your website into a mobile app – and offer your subscribers a better way to contact you, and discover your brand. 

Mathematics Tuition

Thinking 4 Success launches their first Mathematics Tuition Centre in Greenside Johannesburg. 

Focusing primarily on Grade 12 Mathematics (CAPS and IBE) Mr. Minesh Patel has successfully coached more that 5,000 learners to improving their grades by upto 67%. 


Launching in 2022 – online mathematics with Minesh, will help learners review and master sections that were previously challenging. 

Covering more than 6 years past exam papers withMemos and video tutorials, we have your child covered for success. 

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